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À la carte 2019


False morel soup, bread and butter
8,90/15,80 € (as a main course)

Snails, garlic butter and bread (LF, GF)
11,50 €

Herb-cured deer sirloin, cranberry syrup and pickled lactarius mushrooms (LF, GF)
13,60 €

Cured salmon tartare, oven-roasted pumpkin, shrimp, mustard sauce and Scandinavian rye-and-malt bread (LF, GF)
11,70 €

Main Courses

Beef sirloin strips, pepper sauce, pan-fried potatoes, seasonal root vegetables (LF, GF)
29,50 €

Beef stew, rice or mashed potatoes (LF, GF)
19,50 €

Zander à la Mannerheim, mashed potatoes, seasonal root vegetables (LF, GF)
25,80 €

Creamy salmon pasta (LF)
16,80 €

Blue cheese pasta (LF)
15,90 €

Sesame-soy-roasted root vegetables and soy balls (LF, GF, V)
16,10 €


Raspberry cream cheese cake, raspberry sauce, white chocolate (LF, GF)
8,80 €

Sea-buckthorn sorbet, sea-buckthorn syrup, caramel sauce (LF, GF)
9,90 €

Chocolate fondant, raspberry sorbet, raspberry sauce (LF)
10,80 €

Changing a side dish

Extra serving of bread


Mesi burger (LF)
Brioche bun, 180-gram burger patty, cheddar cheese, hamburger sauce, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato slices, side of country-style French fries

Vegan burger
Brioche bun, 100-gram veggie patty, vegan cheese, carrot slaw, lettuce, tomato, side of country-style French fries

Sweet potato fries, ketchup (LF, GF)

Dipping Sauces

Sweet Chili €1.50
Aioli €1.50

Children’s Menu

Children’s hamburger (LF)
Bun, 70-gram burger patty, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, side of country-style French fries

Chicken basket (LF)
Country-style French fries, breaded chicken tenderloin, ketchup

Pasta Bolognese, ketchup (LF)

Breaded pork cutlet, mashed potatoes or country-style French fries (LF)

Country-style French fries, ketchup (LF, GF)